A trained and caring Face Painter


I am a trained face painter with a fresh perspective: I am not stuck in a rut painting the same old stuff. I take care of the children whose faces I paint, and their enjoyment and satisfaction with their fantastic new face is important to me. I am meticulous over the hygiene of my brushes, sponges and paints, so your child will be safe in my hands and with my equipment.

The only reason I am painting faces is that I just love doing it. It brings colour, fun and excitement into children’s lives. This is not “a business” for me, it is a lifestyle choice: seeing their faces and the big smiles as they look in the mirror is why I do this.

Of course, I do have to cover my costs and make it worthwhile, but I keep my prices reasonable and affordable. My charges are set to cover my equipment costs, time, how many children or people are involved and how far I have to travel – but please be aware that if your party is for 2 hours, it is more than 2 hours for me!

For your peace of mind - and mine - I carry £5,000,000 worth of insurance.

Please contact me with details of your requirements and we can discuss your needs and come to a mutual agreement.

Occasionally, I will help out local good causes without charge depending on the time I have available and the cause, so do please feel free to check your needs with me.


The Painter

"You need a painter?
I’m your man!
Actually, I’m not.
I’m your woman!

I don’t paint floors
Or walls or doors
Or other boring places:
I paint your children’s faces!

Pretty princess, climbing spider
A star, a rainbow or roaring tiger
Children come and take their places
And are transformed
When I paint
Pretty Fantastic Faces."