I am a Trained Face Painter

With a fresh perspective I am not stuck in a rut painting the same old stuff. I take care of the children whose faces I paint, and their enjoyment and satisfaction with their fantastic new face is important to me. I am meticulous over the hygiene of my brushes, sponges and paints, so your child will be safe in my hands and with my equipment.

The only reason I am painting faces is that I just love doing it. It brings colour, fun and excitement into children’s lives. This is not “a business” for me, it is a lifestyle choice: seeing their faces and the big smiles as they look in the mirror is why I do this.

Of course, I do have to cover my costs and make it worthwhile, but I keep my prices reasonable and affordable. My charges are set to cover my equipment costs, time, how many children or people are involved and how far I have to travel – but please be aware that if your party is for 2 hours, it is more than 2 hours for me!


Pretty Fantastic Faces

Face Painting

I love face painting, and can make your child’s birthday party really memorable. I have a lovely choice of designs and the party will go with a swing when I provide face painting! I offer my services in and around Uckfield, East Sussex.

Glitter Tattoos

What’s not to like about glitter! I have a great choice of designs for both boys and girls, which can be used in addition to face painting, and they are a particularly good alternative to face paints when the weather is very hot. They are quick to apply and are immediately safe to touch. Glitter tattoos are waterproof and will last from 5 to 7 days depending on skin type and proper maintenance.


INKATOOS are a brilliant addition to the glitter tattoos that I do. They are temporary body paint, but look like a real tattoo. The ink is matt black in colour and quick and easy to apply, and can last up to 5 days. It is completely safe on the skin.

Hair Braids

Hair braids are bright and colourful additions to your child’s hair. They take just a few minutes to attach and can safely be left in for weeks, allowing for swimming and hair washing if treated carefully.


Please read my terms as set out below; allowing me to apply face paint or glitter to you or your child indicates your acceptance of these terms.
The safety, welfare and behaviour of children waiting to be painted is the responsibility of the parents / guardians; please ensure that they are accompanied by a responsible adult and are supervised at all times.

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