Following the appropriate industry and hygiene guidelines is standard procedure at Pretty Fantastic Faces. I take pride in the care of my equipment and ensure I am offering my services through a business in which people can put their trust

When face painting, I only use high quality products. My paints are beautifully pigmented and soft on the skin, with absolutely no sacrifice regarding the safety of the ingredients within them. They are all professional face paints, meaning they are hypo-allergenic and water based. All the face paints I use are EU and FDA approved, for the safety and comfort of all my clients, and I only use bio-degradable and cosmetic-grade glitter.

All my paints are within the manufacturers recommended shelf life because they are replaced just before they reach that date.

I am extremely focussed and passionate about the hygiene and cleanliness of my equipment, even when I am actively working at parties and events. Keeping my work station clean and pleasant, and avoiding contamination, inevitably may make my painting a little slower but I feel that this is a worthwhile trade-off.

I thoroughly clean all my paints and equipment after every event. My brushes are continuously sterilised during the painting process and then totally cleaned at the end of every job.

I also ensure I use only one sponge per child; thereby avoiding cross contamination between paints and application. After every session, my sponges are hand washed to clear excess paint, and then machine washed at 90º to kill any bacteria; so all my clients may be reassured that my equipment is clean and safe to use, and the way I work is efficient and professional.

Finally, for your peace of mind – and mine! – I carry £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.