As a trained and professional face painter with a fresh perspective, I update my designs frequently. When working with clients, I do my utmost to find out what their expectations are, so I am then able to work hard at fulfilling and even exceeding them. And if there should ever be a problem, let me know and I will sort it out! My clients are at the heart of my business, and I aim to create a high standard of satisfaction.

I am available to paint anywhere where there are children, such as Birthday parties, local Community events, Charities and Churches. However, I do not offer my services at weddings or festivals.

It is important that that you know I cannot paint the faces of children under 3 years of age, due to insurance restrictions and for their own health and safety. I may, at my own discretion, offer a small arm or hand painting instead. I cannot paint anyone whom I believe is suffering from cold sores, open wounds, nits, pink eye or any other condition that may be contagious. Nor will I paint a sleepy child, or anyone who is crying or scared. I want my service to be fun and exciting but also safe and secure, following all the best industry guidelines.

In instances where I choose to paint for charitable events, they are usually organisations which are close to my heart. At these specific events, I charge only a fee that will just cover my costs; however, I do not ever paint in exchange for “exposure and publicity”.

So if you are looking for that special and unique addition to your event, please get in contact and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and send you a quotation.